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CCMH Offers Free Stroke Screenings

LAWTON Okla_ If you're overweight, and have high blood pressure and cholesterol, you're taking chances with your health. You could have a stroke.

Wednesday, Southwest Oklahomans began to find out if they are at risk. Comanche County Memorial Hospital checked out dozens of people in the first of its two-day free stroke screening. They also heard from a medical expert, Oklahoma City's Integris Hospital Neurologist Dr. Charles Morgan.

"15 years ago, when people came to the hospital with a stroke they would stay there a while and either go to a nursing home or home," Morgan said. "Now if you get there in time, we can give a drug to dissolve that blockage and have a very good chance of a very good outcome."

Morgan stressed just how important knowing signs of a stroke is. These signs include sudden weakness, one sided numbness, and loss of speech fluency. He also explained why getting to the hospital so fast is vital.

Morgan said never hesitate if you feel you are having a stroke. Call 911 immediately.

If you missed Wednesday's screenings, you have another chance. The screenings will continue Thursday from 8AM-2PM in the Oakwood Conference Room at Comanche County Memorial Hospital. If you need more information, call 580-585-5406.


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