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UPDATE: Storm damage in Lawton

LAWTON, Okla_  All power in Lawton has been restored but crews are still working to replace several downed power poles. The westbound lanes of Lee Blvd. from 52nd to 67th are still closed due to the work. 

As winds gusted upward of 70 miles per hour on Wednesday evening, the west side of Lawton braced themselves for what many thought might be a tornado.

Comanche County Emergency Management confirmed that 12 power poles were knocked over on a stretch of Lee Boulevard between SW 52nd and SW 67th Streets during the storm. Those poles damaged 12 separate houses in their wake.

 Disabled veteran Walter Cudjo was one of those whose house was in the path of a power pole.

"I was in there at the dining table. It's on the back side in that room exactly where this pole fell down. I saw something out front that I was suspicious of, so I went out front and checked it out, and I came back, and as I came back, I heard a loud explosion, " Cudjo said.

The loud boom he heard was a power pole falling on the roof of the very room he had been sitting in.

He said as the debris began to fly he thought it was a tornado, but it all stopped about as quickly as it started.

Living next to this pole has worried him for some time.

"I've never had an issue, but I had a thought though. I've always thought that pole is going to come down one of these days, " Cudjo explained.

But in spite of the damage that will cost him lots of money and inconvenience, Walter is feeling lucky.

"If I hadn't seen that suspicious movement out front -- I would've been sitting there. That's  God's blessing, " Cudjo said.

The Red Cross is making arrangements for all of those affected by Wednesday's storm.

The Comanche Nation also lent aid by covering Walter Cudjo's house with a tarp to protect it from any further damage.

Power was out for over 5,000 customers in Comanche County right after the storm hit, but it has now been restored.

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