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Walk Held in Honor of 6th Homicide Victim

LAWTON, Okla_For the 8th time community leaders in Lawton marched to stomp out the violence and increase the peace

This time the walk was in honor of Alec McGlory, the 17 year old victim of the 6th homicide of 2013. A markedly younger crowd than previous marches, friends, family, classmates and spiritual leaders gathered to pray for McGlory's family and for peace in the community.

A march for hope, a march for healing. That's what Alec McGlory's mom was hoping to find at the peace walk in honor of her son.

"It helps in some strange way just to be there a little bit. It helps. And this will help today too to walk down there, " said Stacy McGlory.

She said the past few months have only gotten harder, but she's focusing her pain towards making a difference in the community.

"I have feel compelled to do this now. I need to do this because I know the pain that my family is going through and that I'm going through, and if something's not done about this how many people are going to be suffering the same way we are?" Stacy McGlory said.

The march was heavily attended by a younger crowd. Innocent faces of teens who've gotten a taste of the real world all too soon. Teens like Warren Williamson, Alec McGlory's best friend.

"I feel rejoiced and very glad to see all these people come out this early morning. Especially on a Saturday to pay tribute and have respect to someone I love so much, " Williamson said.

He said this tragic event has brought once feuding classmates closer together. Something he hopes the community of Lawton can take a note from.

"Our class motto is 'on each other we lean class of 13.' So it's a family thing we're going through. We don't have to go through this alone, " said Williamson.

Through the pain and sadness has come inspiration others like Michael and Rene Wilkins. They were the husband and wife who stayed with McGlory in his last moments. They've since become close friends with the McGlorys.

"It makes me want to get more involved with the community. I don't want to just stay in the apartment and say oh that don't concern me. Well it does, " said Michael Wilkins.


"No matter what they've done you don't turn your back on a child. And as a community you don't turn your back on your children. And that's all these are, little children, " said Rene Wilkins.

Pastor Sam Moyd said Saturday's march was just another step in right direction. A another step towards finding that healing and hope people like Stacy McGlory need.

"We can live 4 minutes without air, we can live 4 days without water, we can live 40 days without food, but you can't live 4 seconds without hope. And I believe that this brings some hope to the community and to help them get some hope. Help them believe that there's some people that believe in them, people are going to stay with then in their hour of grieving and that's what we want to do as pastors. We want to be able to bring the help the hope and the healing to those who are hurting, " Moyd said.

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