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UPDATE: Tucker guilty of manslaughter in Lawton shooting

Lawton, Ok­_A jury has found Phillip Tucker guilty first-degree manslaughter in the 2012 shooting death of John Carder.

  During the trial, the state chipped away at Tucker's claim of self defense by playing a two hour video-taped interview in which Tucker said he felt no remorse.

  Tucker said he had killed before while in the military and was desensitized to it.

  He claimed that while in Bosnia he was ordered to shoot and kill a young man and was so overcome with emotion then that he could not be moved now.

  However, in closing statements, the state presented a document from the military that showed no record of Tucker's time in Bosnia. The state said he fabricated the story but even if it were true, it was disgusting to blame his lack of emotion on that event.

  The defense argued that Tucker believed his life and his children's lives were in danger after he and Carder argued and exchanged threats. Tucker said he believed Carder was armed with a gun. He also said Carder fired his gun first.

  The state countered by saying that when Tucker retreated into his home to get a gun to return fire, he chased Carder and Tucker himself became the aggressor and not the victim.

  Tucker then shot Carder more than one dozen times as he ran away.  Tucker said he believed that if he didn't kill him, Carder would return and harm Tucker or his family.

  The state said the laws of self defense clearly state, you must be in "imminent" danger or harm and not future danger in order for that defense to hold true.

  Tucker did not take the stand.  But in the video it was revealed that he was diagnosed with PTSD while in the military.

  The jury recommended he serve ten years in prison.

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