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Cub Scouts Enjoy Day Camp

Lawton, Ok_Boy Scouts from the Black Beaver district are learning new skills at Elmer Thomas Park. 

They range from Tiger Cubs to Webelos and are between the ages of six and ten.  The motto of this year's Cub Scout camp is, "Cub Scouts are Heroes Too."

Eight year-old Jayce Fortenbaugh says activities such as archery and fishing make him feel that way.  "I think it's really fun, because you have the stations that you can have fun with", Jayce said.  His favorite activity is shooting a b-b gun.

11 year-old Conner Sasseen was a Cub Scout last year.  Now, he's a Bear Den Chief.  Sasseen said, "It's more of to where you don't play as much, you kind of like lead them to go to different stations how to do certain things."

One of those things is how to double knot a rope. Sasseen used that technique on a tent.  "It was very windy, we had to set up the pop ups and we had to stake them down, which I had to tie taut line to keep staying down to not fly away."

Cub Scout Day Camp Director, Kristina Keller, said the camp is more than just having fun.  She said, "It keeps them active and it keeps them entertained, if you don't keep them active and entertained, you are going to lose them."

Keller has been involved in Cub Scouts since 2001. Her 18 year-old son, Kyle, is now a Scout leader.

Keller says in all the years that she has participated; this group of 120 boys is the largest she has ever seen. "It tells me that it's growing by leaps and bounds and I hope to see it growing by leaps and bounds that I have hopefully grandsons that are in it, hopefully, down the road", Keller said.

Keller said that is what keeps her involved in the camp year after year.

"Seeing the kids when they first start 6 months to a year, later you see them mature, you see them grow", Keller said.

For more information on how your child can become a Scout, call the Boy Scouts of America at (580) 357-3633.

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