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Family Of Murdered Teen Helps Moore Tornado Victims

Moore, Ok_It has been one year since a Velma teenager was beaten to death in a convenience store.

While friends and family of Braylee Henry say nothing good can come from the tragedy, they are trying to honor her as best they can.

In the wake of facing their own grief, 13 of Braylee's loved ones headed to Moore, Oklahoma.  They volunteered at a donation center and spent a day packing necessities for tornado victims across the state.

Braylee's mother said helping others is a part of the grieving process for them. She said they refuse to focus on the bad because Braylee was full of hope and compassion for others.   

"Doing something good takes the mind off the grief and your own problems. If you think you have it bad, someone always has it worse," said Braylee's friend, Teddi Southerland.

Renee Henson, Braylee's mother, said her daughter would not want them crying.  "She was a happy, all-American girl who loved life, and she expected us to all do the same. She would be so disappointed if we were living our lives in grief and sadness." 

Instead, they are connecting and sharing hope with others, who've lost so much in the recent weeks. 

I know how everybody feels, so I'm glad to help out," said Braylee's sister, Jaycee Henson.  "They ask me right away about Braylee, and that's one way we can share what she believed in."

Braylee's family has dedicated a facebook page to her name. It's called "Braylee Rae Henry in loving memory."  You can like the page to see more pictures and memories of Braylee. 

Miles Bench was arrested and charged with Braylee's murder.  He worked at the convenience store where she was killed.

Bench is set to be tried for the crime on August 19th, 2013.


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