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Rush Springs Woman Killed In Crash

Rush Springs, Ok_A head-on collision in Grady County killed an elderly woman.  It happened on Cox City road, just four miles east of Rush Springs. 

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has identified the victim as 67-year-old Prudie Garrett.  They say Garrett was traveling west while the driver of a utility truck was headed east.

The driver told troopers that Garrett swerved into his lane, so he drove into her lane to avoid a collision. He says Garrett then appeared to realize that she was in the wrong lane and swerved back into her lane hitting the utility truck head-on.   

Wanda MacGregor witnessed the wreck and said it's something she will never forget.   "I just heard a bang, that was it, didn't really think nothing of it, my dogs started to bark and went to the windows to check things out and then they quieted right down," MacGregor said.

MacGregor, a first responder herself, said she then went outside and saw troopers speeding toward the scene.  "I noticed the black and whites coming by, two of them and they were slowing down at the end of my drive way. So, it's like that's a little odd. So, I brought my dogs down to see what was going on and saw the accident and it was pretty bad."

Troopers say for some unknown reason, Garrett swerved into the opposite lane into oncoming traffic. But by the time she tried to correct her mistake, it was too late and she hit another driver head on. 

Trooper Rusty Russell said her fatal mistake should be a lesson to other drivers. "Pay attention while driving and nothing else while your driving. You don't need to be on the phone or messing with anything in the vehicle. Which I don't know if that is what she was doing but for some reason, she was not paying attention. That's why she was on the left side of the road."

Trooper Russell said both Garrett and the other driver were wearing seatbelts. But the impact was too severe for Garrett to survive. The driver of the other car only suffered minor injuries.

Both Macgregor and Trooper Russell said accidents on that particular stretch of road are rare. But, just a few miles east and west, there are multiple sharp curves along the road. Russell said no matter the terrain, it's still important to be cautious.

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