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Drugs and guns found in suspected meth dealers' home

LAWTON,Okla_New information on the arrest of a suspected meth dealer in Lawton who was caught after police pulled him over for dark window tint. 

Thursday night police arrested Timothy Benavides near southwest 25th and White after a search of his car uncovered thousands of dollars in meth. Following his arrest, police issued a search warrant on his home. 

What police found was no small operation, inside there were more drugs, guns, and another man, Ferrell Hutcherson.  Police hope the arrests of both men will help keep what they were hiding off the streets.

Outside the home, multiple signs mark the property warning trespassers to keep out and to beware of the dog. Steel bars or wood slats barricade all windows and security cameras line the corners of this small home. All tools that may have been used to hide what Lawton Police Captain Craig Akard says these two convicted felons should have never had in the first place.

"Over 250 grams of marijuana, a shot gun, a rifle, four hand guns, ammo, a bullet proof vest, all together a little over 93 grams of meth,"said Akard. 

But despite their arrests and seizure of the large amount of drugs that impact is only temporary.

"It's a very big, a significant dent, in the drug trade, it's not going to stop it unfortunately, but 93 grams is a good size dent,  said Akard. 

Two of the guns found inside the home were stolen. Akard said due to their line of work or environment  there's no telling if these men were responsible for their thefts.

"If somebody doesn't have money, say someone wants to come over and get 50 dollars in meth, but they don't have money, then this dealer may take the exchange of a gun or something, so they do the exchange, they don't ask if it's stolen or not," said Akard

Only two of the guns checked back stolen but because both men were convicted felons, they shouldn't have been in possession of any of them.

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