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Southwest Lawton Home Explodes into Flames

LAWTON, Okla_An early morning explosion at a Southwest Lawton home sparked a massive fire, but the cause? Still unknown. 

Thanks to some over night storms it was a night the Lawton Fire Department called a madhouse, but it was those same storms that woke a neighbor before the explosion, just in time to get his family to safety and call 911.


"I seen the lightening, and all at once I heard a loud explosion. My wife come running out of the bedroom, it shook the bed. I opened the door and couldn't see nothing. Just all the smoke, " said Curtis Welch, who lives next to the burning home.


Luckily he knew no one was inside the burning home. He suspected lightening might be the cause, but the Lawton Fire Department can't yet make that call.

"The walls on the back are blown out of the structure. There was some explosion. We don't know at this point if it was natural gas or a lightening strike or what, " said Assistant Chief Lonnie London of the Lawton Fire Department. "It's so involved inside, and so structurally unsound we're having to put a hole in the top and put water in from the outside because don't want our guys going in."

Chief London said when they got the call about this fire all engines in the entire fire department were already out in service. When they arrived on scene he said the house was completely engulfed, and despite the rain the conditions over night actually made putting the fire out more difficult thanks to the thick, humid air trapping the smoke.
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