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Search Continues for Missing Child at Waurika Lake

Search Continues for Missing Child at Waurika Lake

LAWTON, Okla._

Sunday authorities continued their search for a young boy they believe may have drowned at Waurika lake Saturday night. Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the boy disappeared near the Kiowa Park One campsite. OHP along with local law enforcement dragged the lake ever since his he was reported missing.

OHP is handling the investigation, and as of Sunday night, released little information. And despite their weekend search for the boy, authorities would not confirm a drowning. But troopers did spend over 24 hours dragging the lake in boats, something investigators are known to do when searching for a body following a drowning.

Authorities did say the boy was between the ages of 10 to 12 years old and that his family is from Roff, which is just Southeast of Oklahoma City. Nearby campers said while they were hoping for the best, that they'd be keeping a closer eye on their own children.

Some of the campers watched as OHP patrolmen used sonar and dragging techniques in hopes of finding the missing boy. The Baileys said they were camping nearby when they learned the boy had gone missing. Gary Bailey said his grandson is about the same age as the missing boy and said he can't help but think it could have been his grandson they were searching for.

"I was pretty upset. Friday night there were some kids that come up here and it could have been one of them. One of the kids was about ten years old, it could have been him. I was upset about it, we didn't want to get out on the boat again after that," he said.

His wife June said news of the drowning was difficult to take.

"Hard, sad, shock, makes you more cautious with your kids and grand kids," she said.

The Baileys said it was even harder to tell their grandchildren. They said it's a grim reminder of what how a day at the lake can suddenly turn into something far worse.

"I told them that this is why we're so hard on them when they play in the water. That they need to have their life vest on even when they don't want them on because they're just swimming. But there's drop offs and you never know, " said June.

Her husband Gary said a drowning is a scary scenario that no one wants to think about.

"No one wants to see something like this happen. They don't want to hear about it even. I just hope that people are a little bit more cautious about this. I know we was trying to be more cautious, but we'll be even more cautious after this, " said Bailey.

As of ten o'clock Sunday night, OHP said they had not yet found the body of the missing boy.


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