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UPDATE: Defense Rests In Mica Martinez Trial

Lawton, Ok_Testimony in the double murder trial of Mica Martinez ended Wednesday when the defense rested after presenting only four witnesses.

The jury heard testimony from two psychologists who testified hat Martinez suffers from brain damage from long-term effects of alcohol abuse.  His attorney also argued that Martinez is clinically depressed with psychotic tendencies.

Throughout the trial, the defense argued that Martinez was heavily intoxicated on the night that Carl and Martha Miller were murdered and the alcohol may have clouded his judgment even more.

Jurors listened closely as the defense laid the foundation for their case.  They claimed Mica Martinez, an alleged chronic alcoholic, was mentally impaired the night of the brutal murders.

Two witnesses, who were friends with Martinez, testified that he seemed drunk on the night of the murders.  The defense called two doctors to the stand to prove it.

Dr. Randall Price, a neuro-psychologist and Dr. Johnathan Litman, a pharma-psychologist, both testified that Martinez's brain is impaired due to excessive drinking since he was 15 years old.

They testified that the brain damage from alcohol may cause a person to instinctively fill in memory gaps during a blackout.  The defense team alleged that Martinez was highly intoxicated at the time and that's why he changed his story twice about the murders. 

During cross examination, prosecutors heatedly disagreed and pointed out that there is no tangible evidence, other than Martinez' word, that he began drinking at such an early age.  They also pointed out that his blood alcohol tests showed no signs of alcohol or drugs in his system at the time. 

When it came to the subject of Martinez' mental illness, the prosecution pointed out that Martinez was diagnosed after he was arrested for the murders.

They questioned the type of tests that Dr. Price administered to Martinez, which dealt with intelligence and behavioral issues. The prosecution argued that Dr. Price should have given Martinez a test that specifically looks for anger issues.

The subject of just how intoxicated Martinez was that night was a crucial point in the trial. The defense argued that because he is an alleged chronic alcoholic, his body dissipates alcohol faster than normal and he is able to mask the symptoms.

The prosecution consistently pointed out the test results, which showed no signs of alcohol or drugs. They argued that no one can really know if and how much Martinez drank that night.  

Closing statements are set for Thursday morning.   

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