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Comanche Burn Books

COMANCHE,Okla_It's a scene straight out of Hollywood's "Mean Girls" but this one's in the town of Comanche.
Within the last day and a half at least 3 so called "burn books"  have been created on Instagram, an online social media site that features pictures.

For lack of better word it's a bullying book. Someone has posted people's pictures along with cruel almost unthinkable comments. It's a movie, coming to life. 

You might remember the popular 2004 movie "Mean girls."

"It's our burn book. We cut out girl's pictures from the yearbook and then we wrote comments."

But for Jordan Smallwood, Harley Angeles, and several other kids in and around Comanche, the burn book is reality.

"I was told to kill myself, and that really upset me, and my childhood was brought up," said Smallwood.

Multiple Comanche Burn Book user names have been created and then deleted.

"I don't understand why you would want to go to bed knowing you did this to somebody because I couldn't live with it," said Angeles. 

Harley doesn't even live in Comanche now, she lives in Duncan and was still targeted.

Comanche Police Department is already looking into this problem. Chief Mike Jones says they're working to get a search warrant right now. Once they do, they'll team up with Instagram to find the name or names behind the burn book. The police need the help of the community too. 

"We can get to the bottom of things more quickly if we can get names or tips from people," said Jones. 

But the girls say they don't know specifically who it is, although they do think it's a senior girl or group of girls.

"There's things that went on that only seniors would know. There's things that went on that happened in some of the Senior's freshman years that no underclassman would understand or even know about," said Smallwood. 

Regardless of who it is Jordan and Harley  say they will get over it with the help of true friends, like each other.

The burn book shown in our newscast has since been deleted, at least the pictures have. 

When you search Comanche Burn Book 2 now,  an "it won't delete" user name pops up and that page has no pictures.   

State Representative Joe Dorman of Rush Springs says there is law to prevent cyber bullying. 

In fact, a new bill just passed in this year's legislative session. 

"It's classified the punishments and expresses where the school gets involved and how they would handle a cyber bullying issue," said Dorman. 

The downside is this law is only in effect during the school year. Dorman says they will continue to work on expanding these laws in the future. 

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