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Murder Suspect's Past Revealed

We're learning more about the alleged killer in this week's murder of a Duncan girl.  Neighbors and friends tell 7News that 16 year old Michael Ray has a past when it comes to aggression.

Ray confessed to stabbing 14-year-old Alyssa Wiles to death on Monday in her home. Police say Ray was Wiles' ex-boyfriend, and he killed her in a jealous rage.

7News talked to neighbors and a friend of Michael Ray.  They described him as destructive, depressed, lonely and angry.

Ray never talked much about his past but he led others to believe through his actions, that it was a troubling one.

In the 7 years that 15 year old Natasia Brown has known him, she says Michael Ray would often intentionally hurt himself.  "He would show me cuts on his arms and talk about how it make the pain go away," Brown said.

And he was obsessive about his girlfriends, especially 14 year old Alyssa Wiles.  "He said he would end up killing his girlfriend if she ever broke up with him," Brown remembered.  Brown now wishes she had taken the comment to heart, especially with his past.

7News confirmed today that Ray was expelled from Bray-Doyle schools in 2010 for bringing a loaded gun on property.  Mathew Womack remembers that day.  "He told his friends, just check it out, check it out look what I have. His bag had ammo in it," Womack said.

Natasia Brown was surprised by Ray's arrest.  Even though she knew her friend was a troublemaker and involved in wrong things, she still loves him.  However, if convicted, she knows he needs to be punished.

"He had no reason to do what he did to such a sweet, beautiful, smart young lady, and I do feel like he should be locked up for the rest of his life," said Brown.

Ray was charged with first degree murder and is being tried as an adult.  Bond has been denied, so he will stay in the Stephens county jail.

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