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Families Speak In Penalty Phase Of Murder Trial

Lawton, Ok_The penalty phase of the Mica Martinez double murder trial began Friday morning at the Comanche County courthouse.

The jury found Martinez guilty, Thursday, of killing Carl and Martha Miller.  It took just two hours for them to reach that verdict after hearing three days of testimony.

Friday, the prosecution tried to persuade the jury to sentence Martinez to death.  Eight people took the stand, all saying Mica Martinez was a violent man.

Shannon monk, the daughter of Martha Miller, could barely speak.  Since the passing of her mother, Monk describes herself as; heartbroken, confused and too reliant on anti-depressant pills.

She told jurors that she cannot hold a job because she easily gets angry at the thought of what happened October 12, 2009.  She now relies on her husband, a construction worker, to care for their large family.

Monk says there are no words to express just how truly depressed and frustrated she feels when she sees or even hears the name of Mica Martinez, who remained emotionless throughout.

Jacqueline Miller-Cook, the daughter of Carl Miller,  said since the passing of her father, three different drugs help keep her going. She told the panel that Carl was a good man, who showed his daughters how to change a car tire and taught her siblings how to respect and love each other.

Jacqueline says the incident has caused her to wake up at the slightest noise and to be afraid of the dark.  She says Martha taught her how to drive and was there for her when her own mother passed away, just two years before Martha's death.

Both women say Martinez took from them two of the most important people in their lives, who can never be replaced.

The prosecution also called the mother of Mica's youngest three children.  They were together for several years.  She told jurors that Martinez would sometimes get drunk and harm her, beating her and dragging her by her hair.

t one point, she even broke her arm trying to escape his wrath.  The testimony wrapped up their portion of the penalty phase.  The defense takes its turn Monday morning.

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