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Army Celebrates 238th Birthday

Lawton, Ok_A big birthday celebration on Fort Sill today as the army has turned the page on another year.  It's now 238 years old.

Soldiers, citizens and special guests gathered in front of McNair hall, Friday morning, in honor of an organization that continues to fight for our safety and freedom.

The most senior member on post always cuts the birthday cake with the youngest soldier.  This year it was Indiana native Tyler Owen. 

Owen is only 17 years old and hasn't even finished high school yet. But today, he cut the army's 238th birthday cake with a 2-star general.

"I definitely wasn't expecting it at all. The lowest rank, getting to meet one of the highest ranks in the army, it's a huge honor for me," Owen said.

Training for the National Guard, Private Owen has been on post under Commander Major General Mark McDonald for only three weeks but he already has bragging rights back home. "I've already written letters to people telling them about this. It's a big deal to me," shared Owen. 

"It's about the people in the army, it's about families, it's about our civilians that work in the army," said McDonald. 

The army has done a lot in its 238 years. Accomplishments represented by 83 streamers put on the army's flag.  "It's an organization that really does provide the strength of the nation," said McDonald.

He also talked more about his love for the army during the ceremony.  And before that, there was a trip through history as soldiers marched in with each of our country's former flags.

Even though it was day that private Owen will never forget, McDonald, a 2 star general says the honor, was all his.  "He's sharp, he's articulate, he's exactly representative of what comes to our army," McDonald said.

Private Owen will go home to finish high school after basic training and will then work on his individualized training.  He wants to be a human resource specialist.

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