Some Experts Say Severe Weather is on the Rise

NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey_Severe weather seems to be making an impact on nearly every part of the country these days, and some are saying it's happening more often. In the past week alone we saw dry, windy conditions fueling deadly wildfires in Colorado; flashflooding in West Virginia; and tornadoes in Maryland near the Nation's Capital. So are severe weather events on the rise? One expert suspects so.

"Recently, we've seen an increase in the frequency of these events. Sometimes, the magnitude of them. Other times, the spatial extent, the amount of real estate these events cover. So, we climatologists think there is something unusual happening that's affecting weather patterns and with it, these types of extreme events, " said Climatologist David Robinson.

The cost of damage from severe weather may also suggest an increase. 110 billion dollars was spent on major weather disasters in 2012, making last year the second costliest year ever in terms of damage, according to the National Climate Data Center.