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Local Filmmaker Using Walters as a Backdrop for Controversial Movie

Local Filmmaker Using Walters as a Backdrop for Controversial Movie

WALTERS, Okla._A Walter's man is using the art of film to thrust the controversial issue of gun control back into the national spotlight. Kendall Irvin and his son Brandon are producing a movie called "Last Call for Freedom"; which tells the dramatic tale of a small town that fights back when the federal government tries to take away their guns. Irvin said they're shooting the entire film in Walters; a place he says symbolizes the pulse of small-town America, where gun control is always a hot-button issue.

He said no matter what side of the gun control debate the viewer is on, he wants them to walk away with three things. He wants them to remember the second amendment's right to bear arms, to get a glimpse of what he says small town America's values are, and to think about what liberty means to them. He said he likes to use humor and the human element while talking about something that sparks a heated debate whenever it's brought up.

Irvin said the idyllic streets of Walters makes the perfect backdrop of a movie that he admits is controversial. He said like any small town in America, part of Walters' values are guns.

"It's part of who we are and those rights are being taken away from us now and not just in the second amendment but in so many other rights as well. A lot of people that I hang around felt the same way and had great passion for this issue. That's what inspired me to write the movie," said Irvin.

His son Brandon is helping his father create buzz around the film. He said his generation is just as fired up about the subject of liberty.

"They seem to be more aware of it than perhaps the generations that have come and gone. Perhaps because of the loss of liberty that they're currently noticing and maybe it's occurring at a faster pace than previously. So, my generation is all over this issue," said Brandon.

Kendall Irvin said he realizes that when it comes to this particular issue, both sides may never see eye to eye. He said the goal of the film is to make people stop and think, and he's hoping that using a healthy dose of humor in the film can make that happen.

"If you can make any body laugh you can become a little bit their friend. Maybe I can't convince someone on the other side to change, hopefully I will at least get them to think about our side and to think maybe I need to rethink this second amendment thing," he said.

Auditions for the movie will be held in August and Irvin plans to start shooting the film in September. Irvin said it will take about six months to complete. He said he hopes that his movie will be released in theaters.


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