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Johnny Depp walks the red carpet in Lawton

LAWTON,Okla_You don't normally find famous actors in Lawton, but that wasn't the case Friday. A-List actor Johnny Depp walked the red carpet at the Carmike Cinema. He was here for a special screening of his upcoming film, "The Lone Ranger". 

Many locals were in awe when they saw a superstar in person. The Oklahoma heat couldn't keep fans from waiting hours for a chance to see Johnny Depp. Some were even fortunate enough to go inside.

Rumor had it he was arriving at 4 but it was  actually an hour later during our 5 o'clock live shot when Mr. Depp made his grand appearance. 

He walked up the red carpet and then headed back down to meet his fans. During that time we were able to interview the films' producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. He hopes people have a good time when watching the lone ranger.

"We're gonna scare you a little bit, we're gonna make you laugh. We're gonna have great action and a little romance," said Bruckheimer. 

He says the movie is special because of the odd couple relationship between The Lone Ranger and Tonto.  Johnny Depp wants his character and the film to inspire native tribes across the nation.

"Walk away feeling, 'Yeah, I am not lesser than, I do come from warriors.' If 10 kids get that, I feel I did alright," said Depp. 

After being adopted into the Comanche tribe, Depp couldn't think of a better place than Lawton for a movie screening. 

"It was important we brought it to them before we brought it to the world," said Depp. 

An event the Comanche Nation was proud to be a part of and one the people of Lawton will not soon forget. If you weren't lucky enough to get inside the theater Friday, everyone will get the chance to watch in a few weeks. "The Lone Ranger" comes out in theaters July 3rd.

Wallace Coffey, the chairman of the Comanche Nation, was also at the screening even though he had already seen the movie. He says this movie allows his people to reflect on their past.

"The Lone Ranger was at a time when there was no justice. so Lone Ranger and Tonto brought justice," said Coffey.  

He says everyone in the Comanche Nation is proud to have Depp as part of the family.

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