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Mother Uses Meth During Pregnancy Leading to Her Baby's Death

LAWTON, Okla._

Police say a baby born prematurely last month died just one week after his birth, after his mother used meth during her pregnancy.

Monday, Darchell Chatman was charged with one count of child abuse in the baby's death. 

The State said she maliciously and knowingly did harm to her unborn son when she consumed the drug while pregnant. But the State also charged her with child neglect over her treatment of her three-year-old son.  They said she provided him with so little nourishment that he is having significant medical problems now.

Inside a court document filed Monday--it said the baby's mother, Darchell Chatman, admitted to taking meth while pregnant even though she knew it would do harm to her unborn child and it did, eventually resulting in his death. Even worse police said it wasn't the first time she neglected or abused one of her children.

Darchell Chatman is now in the county jail, being held on a one hundred thousand dollar bond, charged with child abuse and neglect.

When police questioned Chatman she admitted to using drugs while pregnant. Detectives later learned she had another child, who was also being neglected and later taken by the State.

Police said the three-year-old child was severely neglected and was so malnourished his teeth were rotting and he was in excruciating pain.

Doctors had to remove two of the child's oral nerves and cap eight of his teeth after investigators say his mother failed to provide proper hygiene and care to the young boy.

They also found he was so malnourished that he weighed less than thirty pounds despite being nearly four-years-old. As for Chatman's baby, he was born three months early and died just a week later in early May.

Despite her confession to police of consuming drugs while pregnant, while in court Monday Chatman pleaded not guilty.

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