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City Rolls Out New Trash Plan

LAWTON, Okla_ For Lawton residents, changes to the trash pickup schedule are just around the corner.

Click here for a map of the new pickup routes.

As part of the new budget accepted by the City Council last month, it'll be picked up just once a week, instead of twice.

The new plan will roll out on July 15th and will be saving the city around $310,000.

The city has been working to make the new changes as painless as possible. For most people their pick up will remain on one of the two days they're already used to, but for some, no matter what day their trash is picked up, it simply will not be enough.

 "They dump it on their neighbor, they dump it in an alley way, or they dump it on the city."

Those are the concerns Lawton resident David Carter has about the switch. He's an avid Gardner and now feels he'll be paying more for a service that will restrict his lifestyle and tarnish the beauty of the town.

"Not just for me but for Lawton I think the two day a week is a good thing, " Carter said.

Public Works Director Jerry Ihler knows it's not a popular decision, but he says the yearly savings of $310,000 also helped save jobs.

"You know obviously I don't think it's the preferred solution for the citizens however we had to provide some alternatives to come up with the cost savings to be able to have a balanced budget, " Ihler explained.

To make the new schedule, they divided the city into four sections.

  • Monday, it's everything west of 38th Street and north of Gore
  • Tuesdays everything north of Gore between 38th Street and Fort Sill Blvd
  • Wednesdays are for department maintenance
  • Thursdays everything west of 11th St. and south of Gore
  • Friday everything east of 11th St.

If your trash day falls on a holiday they'll arrange for it to be picked up the Wednesday of that week so no one is skipped.

The city asks that you continue to put your trash out before 7:00 a.m. on your trash day. If you have more than one container please place them at least 5 feet apart.  Additional trash bins are available for rent from the city.

Ihler says, for the short term, the once-a-week trash pick up is the reality, but he has hopes for recycling to become part of the long-term solution.

"Perhaps one day a week pick up is trash and say once every two weeks we're able to come around and pick up recycle materials only, " Ihler said.

He said that's definitely much further down the road, but they have already received letters of interest and will be pursuing proposals from contractors regarding a recycling program.

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