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LPS New Assistant Superintendent Starts July 1st

LAWTON Okla_ Not only is the Lawton Public School district just a few days away from welcoming a new superintendent, but they're also getting a new assistant superintendent.

Jamie Polk will take her post on July 1st. She has been a part of the Lawton Public Schools system for 20 years. Beginning as a teacher, she moved through the ranks. Polk led two local elementary schools as the principal before transitioning to her new position.

Jamie Polk said that the daily one-on-one interactions with students will be the biggest change. However, that will not cause her to lose sight of the kids and their needs. She is determined to make a difference, educating Lawton's students so they can be more successful adults. 

"The vision was for that empty seat, no matter who is there," Polk said. "We have to get them prepared to be career ready graduates."

To Polk, the empty seat represents her vision of an education that can be adapted, allowing students to achieve their personal best. Polk interviewed for the position with a platform focused on diversity and equity.

"One of the things that will be real important is, because our community is so diverse, to ensure we have equity and excellence for all students," Polk said. "That will be a major focus and goal to make sure that is being a driving force."

Polk's driving force has been her love for education. It is something that she describes as a lifelong passion.

"I believe that I have been a teacher all my life," Polk said. "Even as a young child, I played school. School was my favorite past time."

She believes in the power of strong educators that touch the lives of their students everyday.

"To you, it may have just been another day, but to them it may have been life-changing," Polk said.

She is looking forward taking her love for the classroom into the new role. She said she is excited to serve the community making the school system one that provides an education that is best for the city and its students.

"Lawton has grown, and it is as diverse as any major city," Polk said. "We need to ensure that we are preparing graduates for the world."

Polk said that there is a lot of change happening at Shoemaker Center and with leadership throughout the district. To her, the clientele has not changed, and the focus will always be the students.

Polk will officially assume the role of assistant superintendent on July 1st.  The new superintendent takes over June 28th.

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