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Mechanic Finds Grenades in Car

LAWTON Okla_ When one Lawton mechanic went to clean out a car Wednesday, he saw something that made him fear for his life.

"Looked like grenades and blasting caps," Shop Owner Lynn McKenzie said. "All that stuff was in the back. I took off running."

Lynn McKenzie owns he said the car has been sitting in his lot for over 6 months. When he couldn't contact the owner, he had the car impounded. Before he got rid of it, he had to take inventory on any personal possessions in the car. He opened the trunk and couldn't believe what he found.

"As hot as it's getting, it could've gone off," McKenzie said. "We could've come back here to a hole in the ground where it blew up."

McKenzie said he called the police, and they called the bomb squad who took care of the situation. He's still trying to find the owner.


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