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Truck Crashes Into Altus Business, Injures 4

ALTUS Okla_ Imagine enjoying a cup coffee at work, when a truck comes barreling through the building.

That's exactly what happened at the Red River Credit Union in Altus around 8:30 AM Thursday. Police say the driver had a seizure, ran off the road and into a conference room at the credit union, trapping one employee in the wreckage. Another employee inside the building was injured, and so was the pickup truck driver.

The employees are all going to be fine, but no word on the driver's condition. The employees suffered minor injuries, considering two were in the room the truck hit.

Scattered glass, mangled walls, and a shattered mirror are basically all that remains of the credit union conference room. President Mark Taylor and Chairman Phil Nelson were inside talking and enjoying coffee when the truck plowed in.

"There was an explosion, and the wall just came in," Taylor said.

"I had no idea what happened," Nelson said. "It sounded like a bomb."

Police Chief Tim Murphy and his team are investigating, but what they know so far is the driver was southbound on Main when he ran off the roadway, into the ditch, and into the building.

"Fortunately or unfortunately, had he struck another vehicle, he probably wouldn't have impacted the building itself," Murphy said.

There were not any other vehicles around, so the room Taylor and Nelson were in took the brunt.

They were sitting at a table when it happened. When the truck came in, it actually hit Taylor, trapping him right where he was sitting.

"When I came to, the motor was still running full blast," Taylor said. "The office was filling up with smoke."

Amazingly, he walked away with just a few scratches. Taylor was taken to the hospital, but other than some stitches and bruises, he is fine. He said he's just happy to be alive.

"I'm sore obviously, but I feel fortunate," Taylor said.

No word on whether the driver's license will be revoked. That's up to him and the Department of Public Safety.

No one is sure how much it will cost to fix the damage to the credit union. Their insurance adjustor came out to look at the damage, and the rebuilding process will begin soon.


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