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Man jailed in Grady County shooting death

Steven Thompson Steven Thompson

Amber, OK- Police arrested a man Thursday after authorities say he told police he killed his fiancee's friend.

Grady County Sheriff's deputies say when Steven Thompson discovered his fiancee, Katie Garner, and a female co-worker inside his home, he snapped.

"He came home enraged over the situation. He started beating both of them with his fists and the butt of the shotgun," said Grady County Sheriff Jim Weir.

The next morning, Thompson called 911 and said he had killed his fiancee's friend. Deputies responded and took him into custody.

When authorities walked inside, they found Garner on the couch. She had been severely beaten and was going in and out of consciousness.

Deputies checked the bedroom and found Katie's co-worker dead. Authorities said it looked like she had a shotgun blast to the face, which killed her.

Weir said the woman who died was from Norman, Okla. Her name was being withheld until her family could be notified. Garner is expected to survive.

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