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Woman Arrested for Husband's Stabbing Death

LAWTON Okla_ Lawton police have arrested a woman for the stabbing death of Moses Anguiano.

LPD detectives arrested Anguiano's wife, 32-year-old Natasha Anzaldua, Thursday evening for Anguiano's murder.

She has not yet been charged, but LPD said the case will be presented to the Comanche County District Attorney.

LPD said no information will be released pertaining to evidence or statements by any witnesses.

ORIGINAL STORY - June 26, 2013

Lawton police have another homicide case on their hands, now that the victim in an unusual stabbing two weeks ago has died in the hospital.

Victim Moses Anguiano told police he fell on a knife and accidentally stabbed himself. He and two other men were in the home near Southwest 17th and Wisconsin when police arrived, but no arrests were made.  At the time, police said they expected Anguiano to survive, but four days ago, he died. Police are now taking a closer look at the case.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office Wednesday said while the report is still not ready, they confirmed it was a stab wound to the victim's abdomen that led to his death. They have officially ruled the case a homicide.

Lawton Police PIO Captain Craig Akard said there has been some question regarding this case from day one.

"There were things that didn't look quite right originally, but the witness stated that is what happened, and so did he," Akard said.

In the original police report, the incident was described as assault with a deadly weapon, because of what officers saw when they arrived at the scene.

"They found the victim, and he was lying in bed," Akard said. "He had been stabbed, and he was bleeding pretty good."

The victim claimed it was only an accident.

"When officers initially talked to him there at the scene and at the hospital, he said he had gotten up, was walking across the floor, and he slipped and fell on the knife."

A witness at the scene confirmed what the victim said happened. Anguiano was taken the hospital for what police believed to be non life threatening injuries.

"We were told the injuries at first were not very severe, but he was admitted to the hospital for those injuries," Akard said.

That changed when Lawton police were notified that the victim had died. Once the Oklahoma Medical Examiner was able to look at the wounds during an autopsy, the incident was changed to a homicide.

"They are able to see the wounds and exactly what the wounds look like," Akard said. "They're classifying it as a homicide so therefore, we will look at it as a homicide."

Lawton police updated the offense to second-degree murder Wednesday. The case is still an open investigation, and police were unwilling to comment on any suspects at this time.

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