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Altus Family On Alert After Home Invasion

ALTUS, Okla_ An Altus family got a scary wake-up call this morning after finding an intruder in their house.

Homeowner Matthew Holmes said he was awakened by his dog barking around 5-30 this morning. When he and his wife got up to see what was going on, they discovered the burglar, who ran out of the back door.

Holmes said the family is doing just fine. No one was physically harmed. After he talked to police, he told me he went out and bought two shotguns and a pistol. He said it's one way to quickly replace something the burglar stole: their sense of security.

Holmes said he purchased these weapons after feeling Friday's incident caught him off guard.

"I'm an arrogant, cocky, confident male, and I became complacent with the fact that I thought nobody would have the gumption to walk in on my house," Holmes said.

He said he hates to think what would have happened had his dog Harley not alerted the family.

"Harley, he's a godsend," Holmes said. "We're very thankful for the dog being here and praising God that my daughter wasn't hurt, considering she was asleep the whole time this guy was in my home."

Holmes said when he and his wife got up to see what was wrong, they noticed the back door was ajar, and her purse had been moved. As he searched, the intruder jumped out from the bathroom, pushed his wife to the side and ran out the back door.

Holmes chased him down the alley, but the intruder got away.

"Now, I'm wondering if I scared him out of his trade, or I made him realize that he could get away from me chasing him and made him more arrogant," Holmes said.

Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy said they're hoping to catch the intruder before he breaks into the wrong house.

Chief Murphy said since February, police have responded to seven burglaries in the neighborhood of Friday's incident. He said five occurred at people's homes. Three of the five happened just last month, where residents were still inside asleep.

"I hate to see what the consequences might be if somebody breaks into a home, and a homeowner is protecting themselves or their family," Murphy said.

Holmes has a message for the suspect.

"I am praying that God will find you where you are, and I pray that God will allow me to forgive you for the home invasion," Holmes said.

Holmes said in the meantime, he is going to teach his family how to better protect themselves.

The suspect is described as a heavy set black male, approximately

6' tall and 240 lbs, wearing a red shirt and denim jean shorts. If you have any information about this crime, call Crimestoppers at 580-482-TIPS (8477).

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