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Weekly Park Gathering Changes Lives

LAWTON, Okla_A Lawton park with a colorful history is now the site of a life changing service.

Every Saturday for the past four years Jeff and Julie Henderson have been providing a free meal, clothes closet, diapers and ministry services at Lawton's Bridge Park.

The couple, along with their growing band of volunteers are never quite sure how many will show, but they're always ready to touch every life that walks their way.


"There are places in town you can go and get breakfast or dinner, but there's not very many places that you can get a lunch, " said Bridge Park Ministry Founder Jeff Henderson.

That's the bare bones philosophy of Bridge Park Ministry.

4 years ago Jeff Henderson quit the corporate world and began this operation with his wife.

"When God tells you to do something, you do it. We feel like we're supposed to be doing this. Every Saturday, we leave feeling more blessed I think than anybody we may have helped, " Henderson said.

They, along with a team of volunteers, load up a trailer full of clothes, shoes and food and descend upon Bridge Park. And they set out not just to touch lives, but to change them.

"It's an awesome thing. We've seen people who maybe society may have just written off that have gotten their lives straight, " said Henderson.

Henderson says each week they have to totally replenish their clothing supply, but they've been blessed with an abundant amount of volunteers and donations. Many of which come from people like Brenda and Cris Naputi. They used to come to Bridge Park for help, now they come to help.

"We came one day and helped out and we just love Father Jeff and the family. We just love them. It's why we keep coming back. It's really good. It's neat and it helps people, " said Brenda Naputi.

Henderson said even though they've been doing this every sSaturday for 4 years, the word still hasn't spread. He said no crowd is too small, but he just wants to open their arms to all those in need.

"It's just awesome to see how something as simple as providing food and giving clothes away can help. It's just a blessing to see the gradual changes that take place with the families, " Henderson explained.



They gather every Saturday in Bridge Park from 11 AM to 2 PM.

If you have any questions, would like to donate or if you'd just like to learn more you can visit m28ministries.org .


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