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UPDATE: Deceased robbery suspect identified

AMARILLO - Police have identified the robbery suspect who died after crashing into a house as 23-year-old Justin Abraham of Lubbock.

An autopsy Tuesday revealed Abraham died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

A short police chase came to screeching halt straight into an Amarillo home Monday, but neighbors in the area aren't all that shocked.

Several residents living in the 2000 block of North Arthur Street were unable to get into their homes Monday for hours as police crowded the entire block for five hours. Others watched from their windows as the investigation unfolded. "I heard the pow, but I didn't know if it was the tire or what," Arthur street resident Shawna Williams said.

The whole ordeal all started just before 1 p.m. at the Motel Six on Paramount Street when a man robbed a woman in the parking lot, then fled the scene. A detective spotted the suspect's vehicle near 3rd Street and South McMasters shortly after the robbery, and followed the car until a marked police vehicle joined the pursuit. But the car didn't stop for police, and when the pursuit ended up in the Northeast Amarillo neighborhood, things got worse.

"The driver of the suspect vehicle pointed a pistol out of the vehicle and fired a round. We have witnesses who believe the suspect was firing at the officers," Amarillo Special Crimes Coordinator Erick Bohannon said. No officers or patrol cars were hit. Not long after the shot was fired, the car crashed into a mobile home on North Arthur. Police found the suspect inside the car with gunshot wound to the head. The Lubbock man later died in the hospital. The name of the deceased has not been released. "We've confirmed that none of our officers fired their weapons," Bohannon said.

Williams was home when the ordeal unfolded, but says she wasn't really surprised. "Cops are constantly coming down Arthur street, constantly," she said. Williams said she's had property stolen from her yard, other neighbors say their homes have been robbed, and one neighbor told NewsChannel 10 this isn't the first time this year someone has died on the street from a gunshot wound. "You've got Amarillo Boulevard right there. And that's where, everybody knows, the drunks, druggies or something are. So I'm in the border line of it all," Williams said.

But despite all of the crime, most of the homes on the street are families with small children. "We have nice neighbors. Most of them all have kids and the kids all play together. It's just bad sometimes," Williams said. It's unclear where the bullet that killed the suspect came from, but an autopsy set for tomorrow in Lubbock may help answer that question.

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