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Altus Man Wanted For Shooting Involved in Stand-off

ALTUS, Okla_Altus Police have confirmed the man holed up inside an apartment on the southwest side of Altus is Brent Robinson, the man wanted for a shooting at the same complex back in January that injured a 19-year-old woman.

At 10 PM Wednesday night, Deputy Chief Mike Bell of the Altus Police Department said the stand off was still ongoing. He said the OHP Tactical Team had moved in and started negotiations, and all of his men had retreated to the outer perimeter of the scene.

When the standoff began Bell said he was directly next to the officer who was shot at and said it scared him to death. Luckily no one was injured, but that didn't stop Bell from dispatching every officer available to help deal with a suspect they believe to be armed and dangerous.

"We received a call earlier today that the suspect we've been looking for is in the area, " said Bell.

Police believe Brent Robinson had been living out of town but came back to Altus for a family reunion last week. APD got the anonymous tip that Robinson was at the Ridgecrest Apartments, the same complex where the January shooting took place, and upon their arrival things got dicey.

"We barricaded the apartment. We actually kicked the door in trying to get to him. Once the door was kicked, he fired a shot at one of my officers, we returned fire, and at that time we backed off," explained Bell. 

After the initial gunfire, the police retreated into a standby situation. Dozens of Altus Police and Jackson County Sheriff's Officers stood by awaiting the OHP Tactical Team to step in with negotiations. In the meantime, neighbors and passersby gawked at the huge gathering of police.

"I was visiting some friends and all of a sudden I heard a loud boom. I know what gunshots sound like, but I thought it still might be fireworks. Then I heard a whole lot of screams," said witness Ashley Anthony.

Screams likely came from officers and onlookers who had gathered outside. Occupants of the building where Robinson was were evacuated by the fire department, and the electricity was quickly cut off leaving Robinson with no television, internet or air conditioning.

Bell said they communicated with him that they want to end the situation peacefully, but OHP will use force if necessary. 

Robinson was willing to communicate with them, but Bell said he made it clear he did not want to come out.

"We're trying everything we can to get him to come out. We don't want anyone to get hurt. We're trying to tell him that, " said Bell.

At 10 PM the stand off had been going on for over 5 hours. Deputy Chief Bell he said there is no way to know when or how things will come to an end.

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