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Medicine Park Celebrates 105 Years

MEDICINE PARK, Okla._Medicine Park turned 105 years-old Thursday, and this weekend the town is celebrating the rich history of its past while looking to its bright future.

The cobblestone community was founded on July 4, 1908 by Oklahoma Senator Elmer Thomas. And Saturday people from all over the state came to Medicine Park to enjoy unique shops, good food, and lots of music.

Founded in 1908 as the first resort in Oklahoma, Medicine Park became known for its cobblestone buildings, scenic views, and the Native American belief in the healing waters of Medicine Creek. From the time it opened, people flooded to the area to visit what some called the "jewel of the southwest."

"Back in the 1920s, there were times when there were over a 120,000 people here. I don't know if we could handle that today but its coming back," said Medicine Park Mayor Dwight Cope.

In its heyday, Medicine Park was visited by famous outlaws, noted politicians and businessmen, families and socialites of the time. Medicine Park Mayor Dwight Cope said Saturday that the town is coming full circle after many highs and lows.

"It has been through all different kinds of times. It has seen good times and its seen bad times. It's kind of in a resurrection mode right now. The last 15 years it has kind of turned around and become a place where people can come have a good time and relax," said Cope.

And as visitors to Medicine Park enjoy a weekend filled with great music, food, and attractions. The 385 people who call Medicine Park home are excited to share the spirit of the town with its visitors.

"We want to share our community with people. We know it's a special place, and we like to share that," said Cope.

This weekend of celebration remembers the town's legacy and combines that history with its new era of prosperity.

"It's just a good place to hangout and get away from everything," said Cope.

The festivities continue Sunday with the annual Rubber Duck Race beginning at 4 p.m. A concert, fireworks show, and old fashioned street dance will wrap-up this year's celebration Sunday evening.





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