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Crimestoppers Tip Leads Police to Home Burglary

LAWTON Okla_ A Lawton police officer took a shot today at a suspected burglar.  The man was not hit, but he was arrested. 

It happened just before two Wednesday afternoon. Crimestoppers received a call that a man was on his way to burglarize a house in the 1200 block of Southwest Tennessee.

When officers arrived, they saw Jamar Lock run from one of the houses. That's when the pursuit began. 

During the chase the officer felt threatened by Lock, so he shot at him. Hearing the shot has neighbors concerned.

Charles Cunnigan has only lived in the neighborhood for a couple of years, but events like Wednesday's are leaving him looking for a new home.

"We've had enough of this," he said. "It's ridiculous, you can't come in your front yard."

What started as a burglary, soon became a much more dangerous situation.

When Lock saw the officer, he ran from the house and on to a pathway.

"He stopped and he turned at the officer, and the officer saw something in his hand when he turned back around. The officer drew his weapon and fired one round. He didn't hit the suspect," Captain Craig Akard of the Lawton Police said.

Lock ran until he got one street over, Wisconsin Street. That's when neighbors saw him.

"He jumped the fence and threw stuff out of his pockets and took off running again," 14 year old Tyler Wingo said.

He didn't run long after that though. He was cut off by another Lawton police officer at the 1300 block of New York, and he was arrested in front of a peach house.

Renee Robinson saw Lock walking around the neighborhood earlier in the day.

"He didn't look suspicious," she said. "Just a normal guy walking around."

So she was shocked to see him in a pursuit just a little while later. A pursuit she couldn't quit watching.

"To make sure they got him because there are little kids, my kids. Kids everywhere, so it's kind of scary," Robinson said.

Scary in the moment, but for Robinson not in the long run. She said she won't be looking to move like some of her other neighbors.

"I feel safe," she said. "My first night living here I slept fine. I was not scared, have never been scared."

Police haven't said whether Lock actually had a gun, but they did find items from the house on him when they made the arrest.

They also found a suspected stolen vehicle behind the burglarized house.

Lock was booked into the Lawton City Jail on charges of Second-Degree Burglary and Eluding an Officer.


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