Runway Re-Opens at San Francisco Airport

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif_The runway at San Francisco International Airport where Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed last weekend has reopened.

Runway 28-L reopened at 5:05 PM Pacific on Friday, and Southwest Airlines was the first airline to land on it.

Airport staff had been working to clear and repair the runway since Wednesday.

The NTSB, which is investigating the crash, released the runway on Wednesday night and the airfield on Thursday. And the FAA conducted a final inspection of the runway before clearing it for reopening, including special flyover flights, Friday afternoon.

The plane's fuselage was moved from the crash site early Friday morning to a section of the airport known as Plot 41 for temporary storage. Officials say it will be moved to a permanent location away from the airport within the next two weeks.

The crash killed three people -- including a girl who died of her injuries just Friday morning -- and injured more than 180 other people.