Tomato Fest Promotes Healthy Living

LAWTON, Okla_Tomatoes are  often associated with hot weather and summer time. So in honor of the popular vegetable, the Lawton Farmer's Market held their second annual Tomato Fest.

In conjunction with the Southwest Grower's Association and the Fit Kids Coalition, this year's Tomato Fest was targeted specifically at  kids to show them how important and easy it is to live a healthy life style.

There was a tomato themed art show, a tomato catch-up half mile race and of course tons of tomatoes for the eating.

"Tomatoes is a very very popular thing. That is the first thing people ask is the fresh tomatoes, " said grower Diana Isom.

And that's exactly why the Lawton Farmer's Market has an entire festival dedicated to the plump, red, food. But this food isn't just for the adults. Growers at the market are trying to show kids tomatoes are for them, too!

"You can introduce them to the not so healthy foods or you can introduce them to the foods that are good for you, " Isom said.

Grower Diana Isom is out in full support of kids living healthier lifestyles. She has her own children snacking on fresh fruits and veggies, and she was happy to see the event crawling with kids getting their first peek at a real farmer's market

"I think tomatoes and broccoli do taste kind of spectacularly, " said 8 year old Ben Roberts.

But Ben Roberts isn't your average kid. Ben set up shop at the farmer's market for the third week in a row, and for the third week in a row sold out of his produce.

He started growing fruits and vegetables just a few weeks ago, and he's got a good reason.

"I always have been worrying about my health especially in the summer when there's not that much to keep me occupied, " Roberts explained.

And Ben's attitude is music to Doctor Ben Cooper's ears. He's a physician and on the board of the Fit Kids Coalition, and he's seeing first hand, if kids don't start realizing being healthy is important and fun, there will be a high price to pay.

"It's a serious medical thing for us. In our office practices we see children and diabetes and over weight, 12, 13, 14 years old. You used to never see that. And all of that's going to be responsive, all those cures, all those answers have to do with healthy nutrition and physical activity, " said Dr. Cooper.

The Great Tomato Catch-Up race was part of the Fitness in Action Series. Every month there are exciting new events that focus on a healthy lifestyle. You can visit for a list of upcoming events.