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Recent Rain Pleases Local Residents

LAWTON Okla_ Because of all the clouds and cooler temperatures, the people of Texoma have been soaking it in.

Our 7News crew said people were out and about with smiles on their faces Monday, enjoying the break from the hot, dry Oklahoma weather. 

The weather seems completely abnormal to everyone, mostly because the last two summers have been full of sunshine and miserable temperatures.

Experts say the recent weather isn't as out of the ordinary as you think. Waiting at the bus stop on a July day in Oklahoma is usually unbearable. So, recent weather has been a treat for Nissa French.

"This is really a nice break from the Oklahoma heat," French said.

It's a break that runners have thoroughly enjoyed as well.

"I love it," Jerry Nottingham said. "It's about 20 degrees cooler than it normally is. I usually walk or jog in the morning about 5:30."

We spotted Jerry jogging just after 12:30. He said it was a midday run that would normally be dangerous this time of year.

Last week at this time, it was 101 degrees with a ton of sunshine. Monday's 7News app listed midday conditions at 71 degrees with rain.

SkyWarn Meteorologist Joe Belanger said 71 is just as unusual as 115. They are both about 20 degrees from an average in the mid 90s.

"2011 and 2012 have blocked our memories," Joe said. "2011 July didn't have one day below 100 degrees."

Years like those make recent weather feel like a fantasy. In reality though, this happened just 3 years ago.

"It happened as early as 2010," Joe said. "Numbers were through the roof as far as rain and also cooler temperatures."

July 2010 recorded over four inches of rain. This year, we already have over two inches.

"Hopefully, that number will go up, and we can get to 2.2, our average precipitation for July," Joe said. "Then if we can exceed that, that's when we will start cutting into the drought."

That's something the people of Texoma would welcome with open arms.

Precipitation has been more consistent this year than the last two years. March is the only month in 2013 that Lawton has recorded below an inch of rain.

Lawton firefighters are also enjoying the change in weather. It means a break from wildfires, but they said that's not going to be the case forever.

Lawton Fire Department's Captain Mark Stottman said the last two weeks of 100-degree temperatures have really dried out the vegetation.

"That stuff's dead, and this rain will not bring it back to life," Stottman said. "It's just a matter of when the temperatures come back at the end of this week. We'll be back where we were."

Stottman said wildfires are a reality during the summer months in southwest Oklahoma. It would take an unusually wet season to combat them.




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