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Duncan Man Arrested for Stabbing Woman

DUNCAN Okla_ Duncan police say a man stabbed a woman several times and then showed no remorse for what he had done.

Police are still trying to determine what caused 30-year-old Benjamin Birchfield to suddenly turn a knife on a 26-year-old woman early Friday morning. Police say the two lived in a home in the city's west side near Clayton and Smith along with the victim's grandmother.

The woman was stabbed four times and also suffered a large gash to her throat.

Even with her wounds, police say she was able to call for help. She did undergo exploratory surgery after she was stabbed in the stomach, but Tuesday she's out of the hospital as she continues to recover.

Police say Benjamin Birchfield had been living in this home with a woman and her grandmother without any troubles when he suddenly turned into a monster.

"They kind of helped him out, and he's been a real plus to have around," Duncan Police Department Detective Donny Foreaker said. "He was nice, but this particular night, I don't know what happened."

The woman told police she and Birchfield were inside the kitchen when he suddenly became upset. He cut her neck, chest, and stomach. The woman was able to call 911, when police arrived they found a bloody trail and the woman. Foreaker said she said something that surprised them.

"She made a remark to me that she didn't think he was trying to kill her," Foreaker said.

She told police Birchfield was still somewhere in the house, and she wasn't sure if he was still armed with a knife. Just then, police spotted him.

"One of the officers stepped back to cover the garage door," Foreaker said. "They thought he was in the garage. As he looked up, he saw that the guy was on top of the house kind of laying down, resting."

The fire department showed up with a ladder. When Birchfield was cuffed, police say he showed no remorse and said she deserved it but offered little explanation.

"Using some choice words, he told me he wasn't fond of this lady," Foreaker said. "He stabbed her. That's basically all he would say to me over and over. He would not tell me why it got to this point. He would not help me with anything that would help me understand this."

Police say in route to jail, Birchfield asked for any form of tobacco since he was going to jail for murder. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.



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