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WALTERS,Okla_An update on Gruntso the pig from Walters, whose owner is fighting city hall over the right to keep him at home.  

Tuesday night the city council said Gruntso's gotta go.  They refused to change the ordinance that bans Gene Gibson  from keeping the pig as a pet. So, now, Gibson has 10 days to move Gruntso outside the city limits or get rid of it altogether. But he's not giving up the fight just yet.

"I guess because I'm pig-headed and he's a pig, we get along just fine. I'm gonna keep him. He's my grandson's pig, and that's it. He's treated me good, and I gotta treat him good," said Gibson. 

Gibson says he'll file for an injunction within the next two days and ask a judge to block the city's decision.  Walters City Manager John Sheppard said he understands Gibson's position, but says the council must consider the other side too.

"The rest of the neighborhood has a certain right to their not having farm animals in the neighborhood.  When you live in close proximity in a town, you have to go by the city's rules," said Sheppard. "

Sheppard says Gibson faces the possibility of a fine if the pig's still there after ten days.


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