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Lawton Professor Participates in Combat Paper Project

OKLAHOMA CITY Okla_ Independent Artists of Oklahoma will host The Combat Paper Project and Purple Heart Recipient and Published Poet, Jason Poudrier, on Friday, July 26 beginning at 6:00 p.m. as part of Historic Film Row's "Final Friday Art Walk." 

The Combat Paper Project is an international, traveling art exhibition created by combat veterans, military families and concerned citizens, primarily those associated with Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The cathartic artwork is literally comprised of military uniforms and memorabilia, ground into paper-pulp or "rag," which is then made into emotional, impactful manifestations of the overall combat experience.  This is an experience Poudrier knows all too well.  He was awarded the Purple Heart for combat in 2003 and has since written two war-related books of poetry:  In the Rubble at Our Feet and Red Fields: Poems from Iraq.  Red Fields, the most recent, was awarded the prestigious Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal in 2013 and was short-listed for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize in poetry.  Poudrier is a Professor of Pre-AP English at Lawton High school, recently accepting a position at Cameron University, and conducts Veterans Writing workshops all-over the United States in Conjunction with Combat Paper - and Arts, Military + Healing, a collaborative initiative.  The Combat Paper Project is housed in Washington, D.C., and makes its second, formal debut in the State of Oklahoma alongside Poudrier's poetry and "24 Works on Paper," a traveling exhibit supported by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Council among others.

            The IAO Gallery, located at 706 West Sheridan, will display approximately 32 pieces of the substantial, Combat inventory, including works by Combat Paper Project founder, Drew Cameron, who was once stationed at U.S. Army Base, Fort Sill, located in Lawton, Oklahoma.

            Oklahoma Veterans from all branches of military service – and every proud generation – are invited and encouraged to view the exhibit.  For IAO's schedule of events, contact Kendall Brown or B.C. Summers at (405) 232-6060 or log-on to IAO's Facebook page; for questions regarding Combat Paper in Oklahoma or to set-up interviews, please contact Robin Brooks, Public Affairs @ (760) 408-3762 or Tara Tappert, Ph.D., Exhibit Curator and American Art History Expert @ (202) 423-6547.  Visit for a list of upcoming exhibitions and workshops; to preview Jason Poudrier's poetry and biographical information visit

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