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Water Wasters: Apartments use underground sprinklers

Most 'Water Wasters' reported this week were apartment complexes, including one repeat offender. But one complex is going beyond temporarily repairing their water wasting problem to find a more permanent fix.

When a broken sprinkler head surfaced at Arden Ridge Apartments this past week during a rain, more water went down the drain than normal. NewsChannel 10 called Arden Ridge on Wednesday and management said it was actually one of several that was repaired on Tuesday and as of Wednesday morning - all was well.

Viewers also snapped pictures at Stonegate Apartments, again this week, this time for misdirected sprinklers. A manager said those had been turned off, due to the rain, and will be checked first thing next week.

Sticking with the apartment theme, River Falls Apartments were reported last week for broken heads.

"I do have a crew that's dedicated to just landscaping and we try to stay on top of the repairs as much as possible," explained Director of Operations for River Falls Apartments Jennifer Morrow.

But instead of just fixing those specific sprinklers, these apartments took a deeper approach.

"We did a strip of landscaping and we did the sub terrain sprinklers system which has like soaker hoses underneath the grass," said Morrow.

With so much heat coming off of I-40, that made a strip of land right by the access road the perfect place to test out the underground sprinkler system, so River Falls won't lose any extra water to surface evaporation.

Costing them a pretty penny now, but, down the road, saving them a lot more time, money and of course water.

"It's lot better for the environment," said Morrow. "Maintenance-wise, it's going to cut down on our man hours and honestly, your grass gets watered more evenly."

As always, keep sending us your pictures of businesses you see water wasting at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

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