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United Way's 2013 Pacesetters Campaign Kick-Off

LAWTON,Okla_The United Way of Lawton-Fort Sill launched its 2013 Pacesetter Campaign Thursday at the Museum of the Great Plains. 

The purpose of Pacesetters is to set a good fundraising pace for the rest of the community to follow. This year's group consists of 15 local companies including KSWO. 

It's an important part of the fundraising effort and so is the campaign's theme this year it's 'Movies.'  Pacesetters Chair, Christy Clark explains why its important to have a theme.

"We have found that if you have a theme with your money raising efforts it encourages people and makes it more fun and more money is raised,"said Clark.   

The Pacesetters participation is crucial to the success of the overall campaign. Not only do they raise money, but also awareness and volunteer support for United Way of Lawton-Fort Sill. 
The Executive Director of United Way, Katie Noffsker, tells us why its so essential for people to donate.

"Its important to support United Way because we are making a significant impact in the human condition of people in our community," said Noffsker. 

The 15 companies have eight weeks to raise money before the campaign is opened up to the community. Their totals will be announced at the campaign kickoff September 13th.  The Pacesetters typically raise about half of the estimated annual goal of $1.8 million dollars. 

The organization may not always reach their goal but they always set one and usually come pretty close to reaching it. 

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