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Welcome to Dalhart

Dalhart, TX - It's one of the countless small towns that make up the Texas panhandle and small town America.

But according to the members of this close knit community, Dalhart is far from being lost in the mix.

This small community was founded back in 1901, and named...aptly, after the two counties it straddles...Dallam & Hartley.

Dalhart is home to just more than 9,000 people that love to get involved in the more than 80 clubs and organizations in town.

Dalhart is probably most commonly known for playing host to the XIT Ranch Rodeo and Reunion every year, but that certainly isn't it's only attraction.

It's also home to the restored, historic La Rita Performing Arts Theater, the XIT Museum, a Quanah Parker Arrow and a memorial site in the towns Veterans Memorial Park.

And in a part of the world where water is scarce, the Rita Blanca Lake is also a main attraction here.

"Our city has taken that and made it a really nice recreational area for the community. Over eight miles of walking and hiking, horseback riding trails for whatever you like," says Dalhart Chamber of Commerce President Kristine Olsen.

Growth is expected to continue here, with plans for an industrial park already in the works.

"We are in the process of developing that. We are working with an architect and engineering firm in Amarillo to lay that piece of land out for us with growth in mind," says Dalhart Mayor Kurtis Thomas.

For years, Dalhart has dealt with a problem common to most small towns, being a travel stop, but never the destination.

"And they say, oh I've been through there. That's the thing that we hear, oh we've been through there and my goal is to get people to stop because we are such a neat little community, we're the XIT City," said Thomas.

Because among all of the other great things about this small but strong community... It's real attraction, is its people.

"We all get along. We have fun together, we do great stuff together," said Olsen.

"This is the only place in all of my experience that has been as welcoming and friendly to an outsider coming in and really makes you feel like family," said Thomas.


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