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Local Goodwill Program Receives CARF Accreditation

LAWTON Okla_ A local Goodwill program is getting some national recognition for their work in adult day care.

They've just become one of only two human services programs in the entire state to receive this special accreditation. This means their program is looked upon as having the highest in industry standards, and they really go above and beyond to make sure not only their participants but employees are well taken care of.

It's a program many may not even realize exists. So, Goodwill Industries of Southwest Oklahoma is hoping this special accreditation will help shine some light on their efforts.

Goodwill's Adult Day Care Center is really working to erase the stigma that surrounds healthcare facilities. From their illustrious art programs to the exciting field trips they take their participants on, they provide a top-notch experience. This CARF accreditation simply highlights their efforts and gives them the opportunity to step into the spotlight to show people in the community what a gem we have right here in southwest Oklahoma.

This new honor highlights things about their program that staff and participants of the Goodwill-run adult day care center were already well aware of.

"We're above some of the other adult day cares," Vice President of Adult Day and Youth Services Elizabeth Skulski said. "We take great pride in that. It also shows that the adult day care service provides excellent quality service to adult day service participants, and we focus on their needs."

Over the past few years, they've been working to re-vamp their center. They've focused on setting themselves apart by coming up with new program ideas, allowing the participants to get involved in art programs shopping trips and various other field trips. These are things that made them desirable for the accreditation.

"The center takes very excellent care of persons served," Vice President of Administrative Services Krishella Hartsfield said. "It's a person-centered philosophy that we have in this center."

For years now, the Adult Day Care Center has been providing outstanding service and programs for all of their clients. Now, this new accreditation allows them to really brag to the community and let them know they're Lawton's best kept secret.

"Our ultimate goal is to show everybody in our community that our adult day service is here to provide excellent services," Skulski said. "When you bring your loved one to this facility, you know that we meet every need that is out there."

Every single element of the way Goodwill is run was tweaked and looked over with a fine-toothed comb. Although they believed their program to already be excellent, they worked for three tireless years to make sure they met all 950 standards required for the CARF accreditation. Organizers say the painstaking work was all worth it to have the bragging rights now.

"We wanted to just strive for excellence and not only show ourselves that we could meet the standards, but also show the public that we've taken the time," Hartsfield said. "It's really important to us that we are just excellent across the board in everything we do."

The accreditation will last three years. They're hopeful this recognition will not just bring them more appreciation in the community, but also be helpful in them receiving grants and new sources of funding.

This is only the second program in the state to receive the accreditation. The other program is based in Tulsa, which just adds to the prestige of having this center right here in our own backyard.

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