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C-SCOPE still in area schools

Amarillo, Texas - The controversial curriculum program C-SCOPE will still be used by many area school districts.

The start of the new school year is quickly approaching, and starting August 1st, teachers will no longer be able to access lesson plans from C-SCOPE. But school districts across the panhandle are still using this program that has came under recent scrutiny for teaching what some have called anti-American values. There has been a lot said about C-SCOPE and recently it hasn't all been positive.

But how exactly are area districts using the curriculum guideline program.

"It's really just a guide for us to help us understand our TEKs. C-SCOPE is nothing but an organization of the TEKs. It's nothing more," Angie Watson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Bushland ISD says.

TEKs are educational standards set by the state for all Texas students at each grade level. Bushland ISD uses C-SCOPE to help its teachers better understand what students need to achieve with each TEK.

"We use what I've shown you, this instructional focus document, to help us really break down and understand what the TEKs say, so we can develop our lessons. This instructional focus document just gets a little more specific with the TEKs," Watson says.

But a valuable tool to assist teachers build their own lesson plans will no longer be a resource for them.

"The lessons, which have been a public domain since May... anybody could get on and look at the lessons... we've just looked at those for examples of instruction, what it could look like," Watson says.

Watson says her teachers are going to have to turn to old textbooks and the internet to assist in making their lesson plans. She adds other resources aren't tailored to be sure every aspect of state education standards are learned by students. C-SCOPE has been a valuable tool in assisting teachers create their own plans to do so.
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