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Scammers Posing as Local Business

LAWTON Okla_ If L&L Sprinkler calls you, beware. It might be a scam.

L&L is a legitimate company here in Lawton, but for about a week, someone has been making calls on their behalf. Many of them have been after regular business hours.

L&L's owner said he's frustrated. He said his company rarely calls to solicit businesses and never calls people after hours. Danny Elkouri never thought his business would fall victim to a scam. Now that it has though, he wants to get to the bottom of it.

"It just makes me want to figure out who it is and get it stopped," Elkouri said.

Someone has been mysteriously calling residents, trying to get personal information and sell products. The company isn't sure how many people have been called, but they know some of their own customers have been called, including families like the Micheners.

"I don't understand their philosophy behind it at all," Pryce Michener said.

Michener was suspicious when he answered the phone. He said he was home alone when he got six different calls from the fake company. The caller knew his family's name, told him he'd been entered to win a prize, and asked lots of questions.

"They asked what my dad's job title was," Michener said. "That was kind of weird."

Michener said when the calls came in, his Caller ID read "L&L Sprinklers" or "L&L Systems"; he's not sure which. He said they showed a "303" area code, too.

"I wasn't expecting it," Michener said. "It was weird."

7News researched and found it's not that hard to falsify your information on Caller ID. Google even provides "how-to" results.

Elkouri said the only way you will get a call from his company is if you call them first. He has advice for anyone who wants to install a sprinkler system.

"Make sure you know who you're dealing with," Elkouri said. "Make sure you don't pay for anything until after you've received the service."

He provided another tip: don't be afraid to ask any company for references. If you're specifically dealing with L&L Elkouri said the employee's truck and uniform will be marked with their logo, and you will also get an itemized receipt.

Now, there are some unanswered questions here. How is the caller getting the numbers? What exactly is the motive? Elkouri has reported the calls to the Comanche County Sheriff. So, they can help investigate.

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