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Flood Waters Total Lawton Man's Property

COMANCHE CO., Okla_ Some Lawton residents woke up to a big mess after the early morning downpour flooded their homes and vehicles.

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For the people who live on Southwest J Avenue, just off 11th Street, the nearby drainage ditch sent close to four feet of water through their property, leaving behind a trail of debris and damage.

For Danny Kreisler both his home and van behind me are total losses. He slept through Friday morning's storm, but was shocked when he woke up to water standing as high as his bed. Even though the water is gone now, he said he will never be able to fully replace what it took from him.

"It's just total devastation, unreal," Kreisler said.

He said it was a nightmare turned reality, when he woke up this morning.

"When I woke up, I was soaked, just literally wet," Kreisler said. "I was in water."

Water rose so high at one house, it came up over an air conditioning unit, shifting it off of its foundation. 

"My home is totally in disarray," Kreisler said. "It looked like a tornado had went off."

Once our news crew set foot inside, we saw firsthand the damage. The refrigerator was flipped on its side. Dirt covered everything. The boxes that held Kreisler's deceased wife's beloved glass collection only held shattered glass.

"Now I have lost anything and everything that we had together," Kreisler said. "It's all gone."

Kreisler said that is not all he lost. Inside his bedroom, we found pictures and important paperwork totally ruined. He also lost items he needs to live each day.

"The clothes in my dresser, you just pull them out, and they are worse than just coming out of the washer," Kreisler said. "The water just runs out of them. My shoes are ruined, medicine is gone, oxygen flipped over." 

Kreisler is on disability and has a limited income. On top of that, he didn't have insurance on his home or vehicle.

"I am still in shock about losing everything, wondering where I am going to be and what I am going to do," Kreisler said.

Kreisler's health problems prevent him from being able to fix the mess the water left behind. He knows he can no longer live in his home.

"There is nothing that I can do here but try to salvage what little bit I can and try to pick up the pieces and carry on," Kreisler said.

There is some relief for Danny Kreisler. The American Red Cross is working to help provide assistance. There has also been a fund set up in his honor at Southwest Credit Union.

If you have flooding damage from Friday's storm and need assistance, the Red Cross is available to help. It is important that you contact them within 72 hours.



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