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Straight Line Winds Strike Geronimo

GERONIMO Okla_ As the storms rolled through, they also brought some powerful straight line winds that caused damage throughout Comanche County, but especially in the town of Geronimo.

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The winds reached upwards of 60 miles per hour, leaving quite a mess behind. They caused damage to sheds, garages, homes, and more. Residents are in shock.

All it took was a quick drive around Geronimo to see the force of a late summer storm.

"It kind of made me sick to my stomach at first," Geronimo Resident David Hathorn said.

He had a covered front porch until early Friday morning. The wind collapsed half of the awning, and the other half ended up in his backyard.

"The L-section of it, the one that was to the north come up over the house, the rest of it collapsed on my Harley," Hathorn said.

Although the Harley made it out with only a few scratches, Hathorn now has holes in his roof and a big mess to clean up.

A local church at Railroad and New Hope suffered damage as well. Abundant life church is in the process of building a new sanctuary, but now they have to start rebuilding from square one.

Geronimo was hit hard, but so were other parts of the county. 26 power poles in Comanche County were split in two by the powerful winds. That's nearly all of the poles on a two-mile stretch between Goodin and Baseline. PSO hopes to have them fixed by Saturday.

"We've got seven transmission crews headed this way," PSO's Dee Davis said. "Unfortunately, they were in Tulsa when this thing hit because of the storm that hit there three days ago."

It's a lot to clean up and put back together both for the Comanche County and Geronimo residents. Hathorn is still counting his blessings, though.

"Now, we just carry on and fix what we can," Hathorn said.

Winds weren't the only thing that affected Geronimo. Flood waters did some damage, too. The majority of the Geronimo Winds Duplexes, nearly 40 units, flooded in some way. The manager said the flooding isn't bad enough to deteriorate the homes, but it is creating quite the clean up process.



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