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Local Group Answering Questions on Health Care Reform

COMANCHE COUNTY_Obamacare, Affordable Health Care Act, Universal Health Care. If you're still unsure what it all means for you, you're not alone.

Saturday via something they're calling 'Medicaid Motorcade' a group of Comanche County Democrats set out to untangle any confusion.

They traveled to four different locations across Comanche County debunking myths and educating those in attendance on the truth about the Affordable Health Care Act.

"Getting the truth out"

That's why Charles Kolker, organizer with the Comanche County Democrats said he did the 'Medicaid Motorcade'. And fellow Democratic Party member Ruby J. Peters agrees. She said the conversation surrounding health care reform has gotten mucked up and the Oklahoma government has gotten carried away. 

"The people need to know exactly what is going on, exactly what it entails, and then they make their decision," Peters said.

So what do you need to know? For starters, only about 15% of Americans will have to change the way they are covered. If you already have insurance and it meets the requirements you won't need to take any action. It's uninsured Americans that will have to make a change.

They also say the plan doesn't cost states millions of dollars. In fact they said in states like New York where the act is in full effect it has saved them 50% on their premiums.

But maybe as an Oklahoman the most important thing is this: Governor Fallin opted out of a Medicaid expansion plan. Comanche County Democrats said this will leave thousands of Oklahomans uninsured, cause many rural hospitals to shut down and will deprive the state of thousands of government dollars.

"The tragedy of it all to me is that money that we would have gotten is now going to go to other states, so they get to expand their Medicaid and take care of their low income people," Kolker explained.

Kolker argues that Oklahoma is being left behind by the rest of the country, and America is being left behind the rest of the world. He said universal health care is not a new concept. And he and Peters both agree, it's not a political one, either.

"It doesn't matter whether you're a republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, whatever, that does not matter. That doesn't matter because when you have a heart condition or you have cancer, whatever your illness is, you need help," Peters said.
The Affordable Care Act is a reality, and Comanche County Democratic leaders believe it will become widely appreciated. 

And as for the Medicaid expansion. Governor Fallin can reverse the decision, and Kolker and company will keep working until she does.

"For the economic health of Oklahoma we need to have coverage for our low income folks and for our others who are not insured," said Kolker.

To get more information on the Affordable Care Act visit healthcare.gov.
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