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Police Investigating Man Who Stopped Train

LAWTON Okla_ A train passing through Lawton came to a screeching halt in the middle of the night over the weekend, when a man jumped in front of it and flagged it down until it stopped.

Even though it could have caused a huge accident, and police know who did it, no one's been arrested. A railroad supervisor in Oklahoma City said he's not sure what the man was thinking, risking not only his life but the lives of those on the train. 

According to the police report, the man was intoxicated and thought someone on the train could help him find his lost sister. The two became separated while walking home.

A police officer spotted railroad crossing arms flashing. He realized something was wrong when he saw a train standing at a halt. The conductor told police the train came to a sudden stop after he saw a man standing on the tracks waving him down.

After the train stopped, a man approached the conductor and said he needed help finding his sister. He disappeared seconds later. Police searched the area and found a man fitting the description along with a woman. The man told police he and his sister had a flat tire while on the highway, when they decided to walk home.

At some point, they were separated. The man panicked and decided to flag down the train for help. Police say the man had no idea he risked being run over in doing so. Police say both the brother and sister appeared extremely intoxicated.

The pair said once they found each other, they continued to walk home until they were stopped by the officer. The railroad supervisor told me stopping the train is against policy. Since stopping, it suddenly can cause severe damage to the train or derailment. Stopping to avoid hitting something or someone is up to the discretion of the engineer on board the train.

So far, no arrests have been made in this incident, but police tell us it is under review.



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