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Stephens Co. Man Arrested for Murder Plot

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STEPHENS CO., Okla_ Investigators in Stephens County have arrested a man who shared his plans for a gruesome murder with the district attorney's office.

Randell Hodges was arrested Tuesday, one day after he showed up at the courthouse and told them he was going to kill an 18-year-old man. Investigators say Hodges was upset, because he believed the teenager had harmed a family member, and the law wasn't doing anything about it. So, he graphically detailed to authorities what he was going to do.

District Attorney Investigator Justin Scott said it's pretty common to see disgruntled people in the courthouse, but he said this case was a little different. It's one that their office said warranted an arrest.

"As the conversation continued, I can tell there's a very strong hatred for this person," Scott said. "He was going to utilize this axe that he maintains at his house. He expressed that he was going to decapitate this young man with that axe, and he provided a time line of before the man can start his education back, which puts a time line on his intentions, the weapon he would use, and when he was going to do it."

That's when investigators stopped him.

"When he was providing this information being very descriptive, I stopped him and said, ‘Sir, you understand you are confessing to members of law enforcement and the DA's office that you're anticipating committing a crime and confessing to elements of first-degree murder', and he said, ‘Yeah, I know.'"

Scott said Hodges didn't stop there.

"It went to, ‘If I have to hire it done, I'll hire it. If they can't do, it I'll do it.'"

Even after his alarming statements, Hodges was allowed to leave. Deputies later went to his home and arrested him and located the potential murder weapon.

"When he came to the door, the deputies placed him in custody and observed the axe that the suspect was describing in the view of the open door right there," Scott said.

Even after his arrest, Scott said Hodges made no apologies.

"The suspect made a statement to them that he thought they were there to visit, and if he knew he was going to be arrested, he would have utilized the axe. Whether he meant come out with it or use it on the officers, I don't know. He made statements that he had further intentions of utilizing that axe."

Scott said even though they understand that Hodges is upset over their lack of progress with that investigation about the teenager possibly harming a family member, no crime justifies his behavior. He said the judicial system must be allowed to run its course, however long that may take. Hodges is currently being held on $250,000 bond.


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