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Driveway Accident Fatal for Young Boy

LAWTON Okla_ Lawton police are investigating the death of a one-year-old boy, who was run over by a car Monday morning while standing in his driveway.

It happened at a home near the intersection of Northwest 16th and Arlington Avenue at 9:45 AM. The boy was taken to a local hospital and then flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City, where he later died.

Police are currently talking with several people and haven't released many details, but a large area near 16th and Arlington was taped off for nearly six hours Monday. 7News talked to neighbors who didn't want to go on camera. They said they witnessed the horrifying accident for themselves.

Neighbors said they came running from their homes when they heard hysterical screams coming from the driveway of the house where the boy was run over. They say once they got there, they found a distraught father holding his unresponsive son. That's when he allegedly told them the boy had been run over.

Neighbors were told the woman who ran over the little boy was not his mother, and she was visiting another resident living in the duplex. They said she tried to leave and backed up over the little boy. They also said they believe the woman was preparing to run over the boy's father.

Police said that woman is the one who drove the boy to the hospital. Neighbors tell us they saw the toddler play in the front yard and a small swimming pool throughout the summer. Police have not made any arrests yet. They said the investigation is ongoing.

The child's identity has not been released. Police were still trying to notify other family members. The car involved in the accident has been impounded.

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