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Fort Sill Unveils New Uniforms

Fort Sill, Ok_The U.S Army is ditching its old uniforms for something more eye-catching and 200 soldiers got to try their new uniforms on Thursday.

The new uniforms were initially designed to accommodate female soldiers but the Army quickly found out they work well for men too.  They began rolling out the new unisex version in May 2013.

"The Army is starting to realize that soldiers are built different. They're not exactly straight and narrow anymore," said Sam Morlett, Issuing Facility Clerk.  "Soldiers no longer have to deal with one set lots of different sizes and they can fit them better."

Unlike the decades-old army uniform, this new line includes trousers that are wider at the hips, waist and backside.  They also have elastic waistbands instead of a drawstring and a shortened button fly.  The jackets have slimmer shoulders, a thinner and more fitted waist and a longer and wider coat bottom.

For some soldiers, the changes are a long time in the making.  "The old uniform that I used to wear before had more of a box type shape. And it fit basically one body type. And with this new uniform and today's Army, it's tailored more for those body types, soldiers with curves, wider hips," said SSG Cassi Richardson.

That is great not only for female soldiers but for men too because the new uniforms allow them to move better---making them more effective.  "There's a big difference with a lot of extra cloth not there anymore.  Especially during our marches and stuff, I feel like this will be a lot better for our soldiers out there," said Richardson.

The Army has announced plans to open all military jobs to women by 2016 and even though the uniforms are for everyone, the new uniform was designed to be the first in a series of moves to fully integrate female soldiers.

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